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The testo 750 voltage tester

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The most important feature of voltage testers is the ability to show an indication of voltage level via LED's. With this in mind, Testo has released a new range of electrical products, including the testo 750 family of voltage testers - equipped with the best display on the market.

The testo 750 range provides a unique LED all-round display to ensure that you can view accurate results no matter the situation - whether taking measurements overhead or in cramped quarters, the testo 750 family provides 360-degree visibility.

Light guides for better measurements

An inclusion that maximises the visibility potential of the testo 750 is the improved light-guide technology - providing larger and much clearer lighting segments than existing competitive products.

“The testo 750-3 comes equipped with a 3-digit LCD screen for actual voltage measurements.”

This compounds the display capabilities of the testo 750 family - reinforcing its ability to provide measurements no matter the situation.

Another exciting feature of the testo 750-2 and 750-3 is the inclusion of an illumination point. Electricity can be dangerous, so as much clarity as possible when working with it can be crucial for your health and safety. With a light situated above the LED display, the potential worries of working in darkened spaces can be lessened.

Durable connections and a rugged, no-slip grip

The testo 750 range is designed specifically to address and rectify the ergonomic problems that inherently accompany measurement tools. Strong connection points guarantee that when the testo 750 is placed in a toolbox, the two components of the voltage tester don't come apart - preventing early and unnecessary product damage.

A soft grip on the side of the 750 range offers a rugged, quality feel to the tool, while an anti-slip ring below the LED display ensures the safety of the user - these guards provide a clear position for the placement of your hands. The testo 750-3 takes clarity another step further - the voltage tester comes equipped with a 3-digit LCD screen for actual voltage measurements.

The testo 750-2 and 750-3 can also perform GFCI tests on an AC outlet, with the tool vibrating to signal that the GFCI test is currently active.

The entire testo 750 family includes continuity test and phase sequence abilities, is protected against dust and water damage to IP code 64, and meets electrical standard EN 61243-3:2010.

To learn more about the testo 750 family of voltage testers, or for information on our new range of electrical products

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