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testo panorama image assistant in thermal imagers for thermography of large objects

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testo  panorama image assistant is a unique application available in testo thermal imagers to analyse large objects in a single thermal image.  

Thermography of very large objects with one image is not possible if one cannot move far enough away from the object. It needs to be done using several images.  

The testo panorama image assistant application simply stitches several images together into a single view, eliminating the need to administer, view and compare several images while allowing the user to analyse and document the entire thermographed object at a glance.  

Thermography involves several challenges including the size of the measurement object as well as spatial limitations such as walls, neighbouring buildings and streets or the security zones of adjacent objects that can make it impossible to record the measurement object with a single image.  

Even at sufficient range, users often reach the limits of the imager resolution: if the measurement object is to be presented in total, the thermal image may no longer be sufficiently detailed.  

Recording several images separately is the only solution but viewing and analysing these images takes time and effort.  

testo panorama image assistant allows total analysis of the measurement object at a glance, better illustrating thermal irregularities than is possible by separately analysing several image sections.  

testo thermal imagers come with light wide angle lenses as standard, allowing the user to take thermal images of larger image sections. If this is not sufficient, the panorama assistant in the testo 885 and the testo 890 thermal imagers enables the user to take thermal images of the object in several partial sections with the application making a total image out of them for analysis.  

The panorama assistant enables the user to inspect large objects while retaining full detail, eliminating long searches and separate viewing of different object views.

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