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Testo empowers mobile HVAC workforce with smart probes

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HVAC specialists, electricians and other blue-collar professionals are continuously turning to their smartphones and tablets to store information, take notes and so forth. To support these workers, Testo Australia has released a set of eight Smart Probes capable of connecting to mobile devices via Bluetooth.

Users can control the Smart Probes via the Smart Probe App. The instruments are built with Testo's market-leading technology, designed to accommodate those who need to measure temperature, humidity, pressure and flow velocity.

The newly formed company Beijer Ref ( Patton | Real Cold ) one of Testo's HVAC&R distribution partners will also be reselling the Smart Probes to HVAC R contractors across the country. Beijer Ref General Manager Craig Bickett lauded the Smart Probes for their ability to accommodate tech-savvy HVAC R mechanics.

“The new generation of HVAC R professionals is looking for something new to try, and Testo’s line of Smart Probes will satisfy this need,” said Mr Bickett.

Empowering the mobile worker

The App is available for free on both iOS and Android platforms, providing clear measurement value readings, simple data visualisations and information export functions. The App enables personnel to:

  • Monitor measurement data from up to six Smart Probes simultaneously;
  • Send measured value reports as PDFs or Excel files via email; and
  • Maintain connections with Smart Probes at distances of up to 20 metres.

The App also offers application-specific features. For example, HVAC technicians can use menus for pressure-drop testing, enable professionals to create volume flow measurement parameters at outlet and duct cross-sections.

Versatile Smart Probes, convenient transportation

The Smart Probes come with a compact case built for security, convenience and safe handling. The exterior of the case consists of a durable, flexible shell, while the interior holds a soft foam rubber inlay. The foam delivers a unique inlay for each instrument, ensuring the Smart Probes are well protected.

The specific devices consist of the:

  • testo 405i - Hot Wire Anemometer
  • testo 410i - Vane Anemometer
  • testo 510i - Differential Pressure Meter
  • testo 549i - High Pressure Meter
  • testo 115i - Clamp Thermometer
  • testo 605i - Thermohygrometer
  • testo 805i - IR Thermometer
  • testo 905i – Thermometer

If a customer is looking for a specific set of functions, Testo will provide tailor-made sets for each application at a special price.

For entry-level contractors looking to take advantage of the latest digital instruments, Testo's Smart Probes offer an optimal, convenient choice. In addition, experienced professionals who want access to easy-to-transport devices for a number of applications will benefit from these instruments.

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