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testo 890 thermal imagers for thermography in microelectronics

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The testo 890 thermal imagers are designed for the thermography of electronic components, especially in microelectronics.  

A thermal imager is often used to examine temperature conditions when the analysis of warming and cooling behaviour in electronic components over defined time intervals is required. Only high-quality thermal imagers with high geometric resolution and the ability to record fully radiometric video sequences can meet the requirements.  

With electronic components continuing on the miniaturising trend, even the smallest components in the narrowest spaces create heat, which can affect the component itself or adjacent assemblies. The development of heat over time can negatively impact the functionality and life expectancy of an instrument.  

Thermography using thermal imagers can be employed as an effective tool for the optimum dimensioning and positioning of electronic components for an ideal circuit board layout. A key advantage of thermography is that it allows temperature distribution and development to be measured without contact.  

Thermography of microelectronics requires a very good geometric resolution in order to be able to measure the smallest structures reliably. The testo 890 thermal imagers are suitable for precisely visualising critical temperatures in microelectronics applications, fulfilling all preconditions for the thermography of electronic components.    

Key features of testo 890 thermal imagers:   

  • Detector size of 640 x 480 pixels and 42º lens allow a focus distance of only 10cm, enabling resolution of tiny structures of 113 μm
  • Thermal processes can be recorded in real time with fully radiometric video measurement
  • Data can be transferred directly to a PC
  • Recording can be stopped and analysed at any point
  • All temperature measurement points are exactly available per pixel for every instant in the video, enabling precise analysis

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