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testo 6381 differential pressure transmitters with humidity and temperature options

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testo  6381 differential pressure transmitters are designed specifically for monitoring differential pressure in the measuring range from 10 Pa to 1000 hPa.  

Cleanrooms require the positive pressure to be maintained to prevent the entry of contaminated air. In order to keep the cleanroom conditions constant, the transmitter additionally calculates the volume flow and flow velocity parameters from the measured differential pressure.  

An optional probe from the probe series 6610 also allows the additional recording of humidity and temperature using the same instrument.  

The automatic zero-point adjustment feature in the testo 6381 pressure monitors ensures high accuracy and long-term stability. The integrated self-monitoring and early warning function also guarantees high system availability.  

Key features of testo 6381 differential pressure transmitters:  

  • Measures differential pressure, flow velocity and volume flow plus humidity and temperature (optional)
  • Automatic zero-point adjustment guarantees high, temperature-independent accuracy and stability
  • Low measurement range up to 10 Pa ensures very high precision at low pressures
  • Robust metal housing protects against tough ambient conditions
  • Display with multi-language operating menu and optical alarm display
  • Ethernet, relay and analogue outputs allow optimum integration into individual automation systems
  • Self-monitoring and early warning function guarantees high system availability
  • P2A software for parameterization, adjustment and analysis saves time and costs in commissioning and maintenance
  • Scalability of ±50% of the measuring range final value and free scalability within the measuring range
  • Configurable alarm management with adjustable response delay and alarm acknowledgement

Key applications of testo 6381 differential pressure transmitters:  

  • Differential pressure monitoring between cleanrooms
  • Optional simultaneous measurement of ambient temperature and humidity
  • Monitoring drying processes
  • Differential pressure measurement in filling processes and spray painting systems  

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