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Humidity Transmitters from testo

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Humidity Measurement Transmitters
The new generation of Testo industrial humidity measurement transmitters from the testo 6651 and testo 6681 series was developed specifically for the requirements of industry: high reliability as well as fast commissioning and simple service. This resulted in several innovations to humidity transmitters including:
  • The self-monitoring capability of the measurement transmitter, which increases the system availability for the customer
  • Early warnings and the internal “log book” of all error and status reports
  • The convenient parameterisation, adjustment and analysis with the extremely user friendly P2A software

Features and Benefits of the Humidity Transmitters

  • Monitoring critical climate, the testo 6651 and testo 6681 are designed to regulate and monitor critical climate and drying processes
  • Further developed humidity sensors
  • Unmatched state of the art technology in humidity measurement, with solutions for highest accuracy as well as for special applications suchas high humidity, humidity in H2O2 and trace humidity is provided
  • The testo 6681 is the first humidity measurement transmitter to offer an optional interface for Profibus-DP, for the direct integration of all measurement values and reports into the Profibus factory automation
  • Newly developed generation of exchangeable probes, with the new concept based on calibrated and exchangeable probes
  • Two models available series:
    • Standard
    • Special Measurement Transmitter
  • Calibratable, exchangeable probes
  • Large range of probes with special solutions for high humidity
  • Early warning reports
  • Flexible adjustment concept
  • Internal log book for tracing all settings, errors and adjustments
  • Optional Profibus interface
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