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Wireless communication solution for emission analysis with Bluetooth module from Testo

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The new testo 350 Bluetooth system, available from Testo , is suitable for applications that require maximum flexibility, such as stack-work in complex industrial facilities. The advantage of using wireless module is that the operator can carry out flue gas measurement safely at a distance, without an additional cable between the Control Unit and Flue Gas Analyser. The Control Unit, which displays the measurement data, operate the analyser wirelessly at distances of up to 100m from the sample point.

The testo 350 Bluetooth options may be used to transfer analytical methods and results either between a testo 350-S or -XL Analyser Box and testo 350-S Control Unit or a testo 350-S or -XL Analyser Box and a PC or Laptop computer running testo easyEmission software.

The testo 350 Bluetooth system offers a number of advantages that include:

  • Increased safety: The operator can be remote from analyser and hot areas, with no cables as tripping hazards.
  • Saved spaces: In operation, storage and transport by the elimination of cables and optimisation of analyser-hose length.
  • Reduced costs: Long sample hoses can be eliminated optimising sample-transfer and response times as well as pump requirements, reducing risk of damage and wear, and minimising long term service costs.
  • Cable damage eliminated: Damage due to sharp edges or heat is a thing of the past, saving hassle and unnecessary costs.
  • Additional range: Distance limitations of USB or RE232 interfacing are removed with Class 1 Bluetooth 2.0 offering a range of 100m in free field.

The communication range of the testo 350 with Bluetooth modules (between Control Unit and Analyser Box, or Analyser Box and PC/Laptop) is up to 100m in free field. Only testo 350-S Control Unit may be optioned with a Bluetooth module. Either the “S” or “XL” Analyser Box may be Bluetooth optioned for communication with a compatible controller or PC/Laptop with testo easyEmission software.

Although the XL Control Unit cannot be fitted with a Bluetooth module, its analyser box [-S or –XL] can. Thus the analyser may be controlled, and data collected through a PC with Bluetooth and easyEmission. The XL Control Unit must be switched off to allow Bluetooth pairing between the analyser and the PC.

During first commissioning, or if the Control Unit has not been “docked” with an analyser, the Control Unit searches for flue gas analyser in the vicinity. Once a flue gas analyser has been found, the Control Unit and Analyser Box are wirelessly connected. If several flue gas analysers are found, the addresses are displayed so that one can be selected. Multiple analysers may be selected, programmed and started one-at-a-time. Results [stored in the analyser’s memories] may be collected in the same sequential fashion. Once a connection has been set up, the system automatically switches to Bluetooth as soon as the Control Unit is separated from the analyser.

When using the Bluetooth option, the bus address is changed immediately once the Bluetooth connection is active.

The testo 350 Bluetooth Analyser Box option will communicate with a Bluetooth capable PC or laptop running testo easyEmission software. If users have upgraded to easyEmission Version 2.1, additional software is not needed as this version supports testo 350 Bluetooth.

A Bluetooth equipped PC or laptop will find testo 350-S and –XL analysers if they are powered and in range, and ‘return’ their address numbers. When easyEmission is started, an analyser may be selected using its address, then set up and started from the software. Additional analysers may be set up, and results uploaded, using the “sequential” process. An analyser may not be simultaneously linked through Bluetooth to a computer and a testo 350-S controller.

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