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IN conjunction with leading food industry consultants, testo has developed the innovative 105 one-hand thermometer with interchangeable measuring tips.

With the instrument and probe housed in a single unit, there are no obstructive cables between thermometer and probes, making this a truly one-handed instrument.

This ensures that the reading of temperature measurements is fast, efficient, and accurate.

A feature of the unit is its three interchangeable measuring tips, making the testo 105 more adaptable to the customers changing measurement requirements, while the calibration data for each probe is stored in the tip itself.

Other features include:

* Ergonomic shape and high up display make it suitable for use in production, freight inspections and for frequent repetitive measurements.

* Adjustable limits with optical and acoustic alarm.

* An easy to read illuminated display.

* For durability, the instrument is waterproof (IP65).

* High degree of accuracy: ±0.5°C (-20° to 100°C).

* Wide temperature range: -50° to +275°C.

The testo 105 is available in a comprehensive starter kit - an aluminum case containing the instrument together with three different measuring tips: the standard 120mm, long penetration 200mm and corkscrew tip for frozen food.

The testo 105 is also available as a standard kit with the choice of 120mm or 200mm probe only.

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