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Testo thermal imagers for thermography on electrical systems

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Testo  thermal imagers are designed for non-contact thermographic testing on electrical systems to enable greater safety during operation.  

Faulty electrical connections or overload conditions in switching systems, electrical distribution boxes and electric drives can lead to expensive repairs, costly production downtimes and even fire damage.  

Roughly 70% of all weak spots in electrical systems can be traced to faulty clamp connections. Aging, incorrect installation, mechanical load or damage to the system components can cause electrical energy to be converted into heat, leading to dangerous overheating.  

Consequences of overheating in electrical systems include machine breakdowns, production downtime and even fire in worst case scenarios.  

Testo thermal imagers can be used to conduct regular inspections of all electrical installations, allowing anomalies to be identified reliably and effectively at a glance so that the required measures can be taken well in advance.  

Testo thermal imagers are ideal for testing transformers, electrical distribution boxes, switching systems, electric drives and all types of electrical systems for localising faulty electrical connections, discovering asymmetrical load distribution as well as identifying overload conditions of any kind.  

Key benefits of Testo thermal imagers:  

  • Non-contact thermographic inspections during continuing operation
  • Displays the surface temperature distribution of the measured electrical components at a glance
  • Allows weak spots to be identified quickly and early, before costly breakdowns can occur
  • Increases system availability through regular inspections
  • Reduces unplanned standstills and the risk of fire
  • Guarantees high level of security for workers, the system and the entire operation
  • Lowers maintenance and energy costs by avoiding unexpected repair work and by optimising energy use

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