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Testo’s thermal imagers minimise heat impact on the environment

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With roughly 20,000 measurement values, exactly 160x120 pixel data resolution interpolated to 320x240 pixel, the testo 880 thermal imager allows reliable diagnoses on a crystal clear, fully-utilised 3.5” display. The testo 880 thermal imager is available from Testo .

The visibility of even the smallest temperature differences is ensured by the high-quality germanium optics for optimum efficiency in the infrared. With electronics developed and matched for optimum utilisation of the detector, and a thermal resolution between pixels [NETD] of less than 0.1°C, testo 880 thermal imagers provides top-quality, high-definition images.

The standard 32° wide angle lens can be interchanged with a 12° telephoto lens offering the necessary flexibility for adapting the test thermal imager to the dimensions and distances of different subjects. For operation in tough conditions, an IR protective glass, which is made of germanium, shields the lens from dust and scratches.

The low minimum focus distance of 10cm for small objects is exceptional among infrared thermal imagers. The model 880-3 thermal imager also offers a built-in “standard” digital camera with power-LED lighting allowing real image photography to complement the IR recordings.

Linked using an image-in-image function, the system facilitates fast, secure and easy documentation. The presentation of surface moisture using dynamic humidity measurement and calculation of the parameters for the fast localisation of mould risk spots is also unique in the field of building thermography.

The testo thermal imager 880 offers one-hand operation using dynamic motor focus with patented technology, and a five-way joystick for navigating both the instrument through the menu and the image gallery. Two programmable fast selection buttons allow rapid access to the most important functions.

Administration of the data is possible either in the camera or through a PC using the included software. Testo thermal imager software allows extensive analysis possibilities and easy report creation. The testo thermal imager 880 comes in three different versions, each with a range of functions and features tailored to its area of application.

The thermal imager can be used for building thermography to see where heat is being leaked from a building’s insulation. With this knowledge, users can maximise the efficiency of the heating system, by minimising heat loss. Increased efficiency means lower power requirements and therefore decreases impact on the environment.

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