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Testo  provide the new testo Saveris measurement system to measure temperature and humidity values in the environment and in processes.
The testo Saveris is ideal for:

  • Monitoring and documentation of temperature or humidity data in production, quality assurance and research and development in building. 
  •  Monitoring of the storage climate of temperature and humidity-sensitive products, such as valuable inventory (museums, server rooms), medicines and food products.
  • Monitoring of the foodstuff cooling chain.

The testo Saveris radio probes provided by Testo can measure temperature and humidity. The probes save the measurement data and send the data to the central base at regular intervals. If a limit value is exceeded, a radio link is established immediately. The radio probe and the base are in mutual contact through bidirectional transmission and ensure that the measurement data is only recorded by the base.

An alarm sounds in the event that the radio link is interrupted by obstacles. The memory in the probe ensures that the measurement data is not lost. An optimised battery design ensures for long running life of the probe memory. In free field, the transmission path is 300m at a frequency of 868 MHz and 100m at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. In buildings, the transmission path is influenced by structural conditions such as walls, refrigerator doors or metal doors. In poor structural conditions, the radio link can be improved or lengthened by using a router. The radio probes are available with or without a display as an option. Current measurement data, the battery status and the quality of the radio link are shown on the display.

Testo Saveris Ethernet probes can be directly connected to the Ethernet with the existing LAN infrastructure. The Data can be transferred from the probe to the base, even over long distances. Ethernet probes can be used over long periods for they are connected to the mains and work independently of batteries. The internal memory ensures that the existing measurement data is not lost, even with the failure of the mains or the LAN connection. 

A display informs about the current measurement data and the probe status. The base of testo Saveris can save 40,000 readings per measurement channel independent of the personal computer. An emergency battery ensures that an alarm is transmitted and that no existing data is lost in the event of a power failure. The system data and alarms are visible through the display of the Saveris base. If the limit value is exceeded, the base issues an alarm by means of an LED or through an SMS. 

A base can incorporate 150 radio and Ethernet probes or 254 measurement channels. The Saveris base is connected to the personal computer either through an USB or Ethernet cable and offers flexibility with the highest data security. The measurement data is transmitted from the base to a personal computer. The testo Saveris software can be installed in a personal computer using an installation wizard. The software can also do the initial system and probe configuration.
The measurement data saved in the database can be called up any time as a table or a graphic. The alarms that occur are listed in a table as a history. The automatic creation of PDF reports in defined intervals also simplifies the documentation. The calendar function and the consolidation of probes into groups make the operation simple. The user can receive an alarm message through e-mail or a pop-up directly on the screen.

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