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Temperature measuring instrument with radio probe

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article image Temperature data is transmitted by radio over a distance of up to 20m.
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THE Testo 926 is a fast temperature measuring instrument for the food sector with a measuring range from -50°C to 350°C. It is suitable for use in large kitchens. Its sensors are type T thermo-elements that have a high level of accuracy and a short reaction time.

In addition to a choice of different temperature probes, the use of wireless measuring probes when using the radio receiver module is now possible. The temperature data is transmitted by radio over a distance of up to 20m. The lack of a wire increases the comfort of the measurement and avoids dirty or damaged wires.

It allows printing of the temperature data (with date and time) locally. This is useful when receiving goods, since both supplier and recipient are provided with a record of the temperature data. If adjustable high or low limit values are exceeded (HACCP), the instrument immediately sounds an acoustic alarm.

The display is back-lit, making it suitable for environments with bad lighting. Minimum and maximum values can be easily accessed in the two-line display. The auto-hold function recognises a stable end value and automatically fixes it in the display. The length of time in which a temperature value must remain stable is adjustable.

The TopSafe water-proof protecting cover fits over the instrument and protects it from dirt, knocks and water. This reliably stops food particles from becoming lodged in gaps in the housings. TopSafe can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

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