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article image The testo 350 portable emission analyser.
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THE testo 350 portable emission analyser offers increased accuracy, better resolution, wider testing range and more than 18 measured parameters and nearly as many calculated values.

The instrument measures gases: O2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, HC, and H2S. A multitude of sampling probes allows applications up to temperatures of 1800°C.

Features include:

* High accuracy-low resolutions sensors (0.1ppm) for low NOx testing, low CO testing, low H2S testing

* Integrated dilution system expands CO testing range to 40% concentration

* Temperature control sensors expand the ambient testing conditions to well over 37.7°C

* Memory of 250,000 readings

* Pre-calibrated sensors can be 'quick-changed' in the field to eliminate down time, the need for calibration gas and the need to send the analyser back for service

* It measures up to 45.7m away with a response time of 40s or less

* Contains a complete integrated peltier sample-gas conditioning system with automatic water removal that can be operated via interchangeable battery or ac operation

* Patented sampling hose technology greatly reduces sample residence time and provides for the highest accuracy measurements, eliminating the need for cumbersome heated sample lines

* Can act as a stand-alone data logger for internal air quality measurements.

The testo 350 can measure wind speed, pressure, temperature and humidity. All external probes are designed for 'plug and play'.

The testo 350 system has a vast range of options so it can be configured for a wide range of applications including compliance monitoring CTM 030 and CTM 034, low Nox testing, state and federal testing and Nox reduction in engines, turbines and diesels.

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