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One hand pH-measuring instrument

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testo 205 the first compact, one hand pH-measuring instrument that is ideal for use in a variety of industries such as slaughterhouses, carving companies, incoming inspection of transports, cheese manufacturing and bakeries.

The instrument features an innovative probe designed to avoid broken glass.

Its technologically enhanced and unique probe design incorporates a large volume of the gel-reference electrodes that guarantee it a long service life. The device’s hole diaphragm protects the probe against contamination and make it easy to clean.

The testo 205’s practical design allows the pH-probes to be efficiently calibrated to one, two or three points (pH-values 4/7/10).

The illuminated display feature ensures that the measured values are easy to read. All functions may be switched on or off at the users behest.

A further feature of the instrument is its ability to measure pH and temperature simultaneously with its pH-penetration tip and temperature probe. Temperature compensation and recognition of the final value are done automatically.

The testo 205 also benefits from an innovative storage gel. This revolutionary gel cartridge is used to prevent the drying of the pH electrode without spillages.

Another new feature is the practical pH-buffer-bottles with dosing cap, which prevents the buffer solution from getting soiled.

For convenience and durability the instrument is waterproof (IP 65).

The measuring range of the testo 205 is 0 to 14pH with accuracy of ±0.02pH and for temperature, a range 0 to 60°C with an accuracy of ±0.04°C.

Other features include an 80 hour battery, optical and acoustic alarm, an ergonomic special handle and a belt/wall unit.

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