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New testo flue gas analysers for easy and efficient measurement

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testo  introduces two new flue gas analysers designed for ease of operation, high measurement accuracy and efficient analysis.
The testo flue gas analyser family includes the robust all-rounder for basic measurements, testo 310, the efficient multi-function system for graphic flue gas analysis, testo 320 and the powerful high-end instrument with revolutionary long-life sensors, testo 330 LL. Covering the entire spectrum of flue gas measurement for heating systems, testo’s product portfolio ensures that the customer works with the most suitable model for their measurement task.
testo 310

testo 310 is a robust measuring instrument designed for all basic measurements on a heating system, offering easy operation with a high level of measurement accuracy. Combining long battery life with a compact design, the testo 310 offers all the advantages of electronic flue gas analysis at an excellent cost-benefit ratio.
Featuring four measurement menus for flue gas, draught, ambient CO and pressure, testo 310 flue gas analysers allow all basic measurements on a heating system. Heating constructors, fitters, service technicians and facility managers can use it to conduct complex flue gas analyses, check the settings of a newly installed heating system, or carry out service maintenance on the system, ensuring an optimally regulated heating system that saves costs for the customer.
Key features of testo 310 flue gas analysers:
  • Four measurement menus for flue gas, draught, ambient CO and pressure
  • Easy handling, clear menu structures, backlit display and fast sensor zeroing allow simple navigation
  • Automatic zeroing of the gas sensor allows quick measurement after switching on
  • Specially developed printer allows clear reports to be created and presented to the customer on site
  • Measurement values are easily legible even in poor light conditions
  • Accessories include USB charger and spare gas sensors
testo 320

The testo 320 is a multi-function instrument for efficient flue gas analysis, offering numerous clearly structured measurement menus. A large selection of probes allows multiple measurements to be taken with a single instrument.
The testo 320 flue gas analyser stands out thanks to the high level of measurement accuracy and easy operation. Its broad measuring range makes it a reliable companion for heating constructors, fitters and service technicians in routine servicing of heating systems, fast elimination of malfunctions or emergencies, or continuous monitoring of legally required limit values.
For the purposes of direct measurement, the testo 320 has two gas sensors for O2 and CO, and a probe for flue gas and ambient temperature integrated into the flue gas probe. The probes available as accessories allow many more measurements.
Exchanging the probe of the testo 320 is particularly efficient with all probes attached via a fast connection.
Key features of testo 320 flue gas analysers:
  • Clearly structured measurement menus and standardised menu procedures simplify operation
  • High-resolution colour display allows fine presentation of the measurement curves
  • Up to 500 measurement values can be stored in the instrument's memory
  • TÜV-tested according to EN 50379, Parts 1-3 for measurement parameters O2, CO, temperature and pressure
  • Long battery life of up to 8 hours
  • Robust and ergonomic in handling
  • Automatic zeroing of the gas sensor allows quick measurement after switching on
  • Communication with external appliances such as printers, PDAs, laptops or PCs via Bluetooth, USB and infrared interface
  • Bluetooth and infrared printer available for printing out measurement values directly on site
  • Accessories include a USB charger and spare gas sensors

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