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New testo digital refrigeration gauges

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The new range of testo digital refrigeration gauges is designed to meet modern day requirements of the refrigeration trade.  

Offering better accuracy and functionality, testo digital manifolds are the perfect replacement for analogue manifolds.  

Use of digital technology is widespread in all areas of life including the refrigeration trade but analogue manifolds are still very common in refrigeration technology, resulting in up to 74% of all refrigeration systems being incorrectly adjusted using the analogue measurement method.  

The construction of refrigeration systems involves diverse jobs from project planning via installation and commissioning to maintenance and servicing of refrigeration and air conditioning systems or heat pumps.  

To ensure that a system is functional, the technician must address several parameters including the respective pressures and temperatures of the refrigerant, and in particular the superheating and subcooling of the system, which help to determine the operational status of the system as well as obtain information on its safety and efficiency.  

Analogue manifolds limit the technician’s ability in performing these wide-ranging tasks since they can only record the high and low pressure of a refrigeration system with additional measuring instruments required for every other measurement resulting in complications from measuring parameters and interpreting results.  

The customer is therefore left with inefficiently adjusted systems and additional costs as the consequences of inaccurate analogue measurements.  

The testo 570 digital refrigeration gauges are designed to deliver on the daily requirements of the refrigeration trade with their ability to record various operating parameters on a single instrument. The multi-functionality of digital manifolds creates considerable handling advantages, allowing fast and efficient work on site.  

Key benefits of testo 570 digital refrigeration gauges:   

  • Allows both pressure and temperature values to be measured quickly and easily
  • Two temperature inputs also ensure the simultaneous calculation of the superheating and subcooling of the system
  • Supports the evacuation of the system with the help of an integrated vacuum measurement
  • Allows a temperature-compensated tightness test to be conducted
  • Almost all common refrigerants are stored in the instrument as standard
  • Allows data storage and analysis on a PC using special software or printout of the measurement protocol onsite

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