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New testo Saveris measuring system available from Testo

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The new testo Saveris measuring system, available from Testo , offers fully-automatic cooling chain monitoring.

Automated evidence of the cooling chain, whether at the butchers', in bakeries, or even in large-scale kitchens and restaurants every specialist has two goals:

  • Optimum quality- The continuous cooling chain and its evidence by means of temperature measurements are included in this, in conformity with the HACCP requirements.
  • Getting more time for the customers - When customers decide to shop in small groceries, and thus decide against the packaged goods in supermarkets, they often expect sound advice in addition to freshness.

To ensure that the food trade can fulfill both goals, the global market leader for temperature measurement technology, Testo AG, developed a new system: testo Saveris. Instead of being read off several times a day, battery-operated probes automatically record temperature values in the cold rooms and cabinets and save them directly on-site. The temperature values are transferred through radio.

All radio signals with the readings converge in a centralized "testo Saveris base station", which can be installed in the store or office. If the set limit values are exceeded, the responsible person can be alerted immediately by means of a visual or acoustic alarm or directly by sending an SMS to the mobile phone.

With the testo Saveris system, if the food inspector comes all temperature monitoring can immediately be presented. With the press of a button the EN 12830 compliant testo Saveris software compiles entire monthly reports. Every value from the past is available immediately and without interruption.

The Saveris system does not require contractors such as electricians to install it.

  • The transmission path from the probe to the testo Saveris base station is established within seconds by pressing a button.
  • Step-by-step establishment of the probe network and definition of the limit values is completed easily with the aid of an installation wizard in the testo Saveris software.
  • Curve or table view as well as report printing is also possible at the push of a button in the software.

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