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New testo 885 thermal imagers offer superior ergonomics and excellent image quality

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Measurement technology specialist Testo presents the new testo 885 range of thermal imagers from the new pro generation, offering sophisticated ergonomics, excellent image quality and innovative features.  

Available in the newly developed camcorder format with a rotatable handle, testo 885 thermal imagers are designed for easier and more effective thermography with excellent image quality.  

Superior image quality in the testo 885 thermal imagers is ensured through a combination of first-class optics, a light wide angle or telephoto lens, 320 x 240 pixel detector, NETD < 30 mK and high-quality system components to provide unusually sharp focus and clear thermal images.  

SuperResolution technology helps the user achieve a 4-fold resolution of the thermal image.  

Designed for professional industrial and building thermography, testo 885 thermal imagers can offer a new panoramic image that creates one total view out of several individual images, making them useful for applications where the illustration of the measurement object in building thermography is not possible with a single image.  

Designed to support the efficient completion of inspection routes, the patent-pending SiteRecognition technology automatically takes care of the recognition of the measurement sites as well as the storage and administration of the thermal images.  

testo 885 thermal imagers can be operated in temperature ranges up to 1,200ºC, expanding their application range in industrial environments.

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