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New generation flue gas analyser

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TESTO has introduced the new generation flue gas analyser that offers all the features required to competently carry out inspection tasks.

Whether its monitoring legal limit values or during daily maintenance assignments, testo 330-1, 330-2, 330-3 cover the complete spectrum of measurement tasks.

The testo 330 is designed for application in extreme conditions. testo's patented technology guarantees efficient display of CO level, up to 30,000ppm.

However, the measurement cell is not subjected to any more strain than during normal measurements.

The design of the gas paths and measurement cells in relation to the condensation trap means that there is less likelihood of blockages, while the filter cartridge that absorbs impurities has been placed in the probe handle for easy access.

The innovative testo 330 is both distinctive and ergonomic. It is housed in a unique robust design that acts as a built in protection from impact and shock.

Its large backlit display is recessed into the housing to offer better protection. Other features the instrument include:

* Long life of wearing parts.

* The instrument is faster and more effective, in that it supports the fast switch between measurement and maintenance.

* Increased safety opens up new opportunities for planning applications.

* More convenience and user friendliness in that it offers a long life rechargeable battery, highly robust fast probe connection for all gas paths and a very large display.

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