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New Testo 350 Advanced Emission Analyser from Testo now with Bluetooth 2.0

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In addition to wireless communication with PC’s, the 350 Bluetooth accessory from Testo allows separation of the 350 analyser from the 350-S control unit without the use of Bus cables, so that the analyser can be as close as possible to the sampling pint with the operator completely free to move.

The new, wireless data transmission through long range industrial Bluetooth 2.0 offers the following further advantages:

  • Increased safety: Operator can be remote from analyser and hot areas, with no cables as tripping hazards.
  • Space saved in operation storage and transport by the illumination of cables and optimisation of hose length
  • Reduced costs: Long sample hoses can be eliminated optimising sample-transfer and response times as well as pump requirements, reducing risk of damage and minimising long term service costs. Cable damage due to sharp edges or heat is no more, saving hassle and unnecessary costs.
  • Additional range: USB distance limitations are no more with the Bluetooth offering 100m range in a free field.

Important information regarding retrofitting the new testo 350 Bluetooth wireless module
Control units testo 350-s and flue gas analyser testo 350-S/XL, which are in use on the market till now, cannot be retrofitted with Bluetooth wireless module.

Bluetooth wireless modules could be updated from the following circuit board index:

  • Control unit testo 350-S
    Circuit board index must be >1, this corresponds to the production date July 2008
  • Flue gas analyser testo 350-S/-XL
    Circuit board index 11, this corresponds to production date July 2008

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