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Modular humidity measurement system

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article image Automatic correction of absolute pressure for accurate measurements.
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TESTO has released the Testo 650 modular humidity measurement system. It measures temperature, CO2, rpm, current, voltage, and pressure and can be upgraded to the Testo 400 multifunction measuring instrument.

It is upgradeable, teachable and reliable, with all the functions of the Testo 950. It can calculate all the parameters in the Mollier diagram, as well as relative humidity, dew point and pressure dew point, absolute humidity, psychrometric wet bulb temperature, degree of humidity, partial pressure in water vapour, enthalpy and barometric air pressure.

It offers automatic correction of absolute pressure for accurate measurements and aW value measurement with trend display and automatic recognition of equilibrium. It has a clear graphics display and three user-assignable function buttons. It saves or prints at the touch of a button. It can be powered from a mains connection or rechargeable batteries.

It has an attachable printer that can print readings on site in seconds. It also has offers data communication by PC and has a barcode pen and two user-assignable probe inputs. It automatically recognises of all connected probes

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