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article image Measured values are easy to read due to an illuminated display.
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TESTO’S compact 206 pH1 for measuring liquids features a new kind of probe technology.

The probe design incorporates a maintenance-free gel-reference electrode, which guarantees a long service life.

Other innovations in the probe design, including the whole diaphragm, ensure the probe is not affected by dirt and is easy to clean within seconds.

The instrument has been designed with ease of use in mind. The pH-probes can be easily and quickly calibrated to one, two or three points (pH-values 4/7/10) and measured values are easy to read thanks to the illuminated display.

The testo 206 pH1 also offers users the combination of pH-penetration tip and temperature probe.

Temperature compensation and recognition of the final value are done automatically.

The testo 206 pH1 is available in a practical set including protection case ‘TopSafe’, belt clip and storage cap.

Applications for the ph meter include:

* pH-determination in the environment (water, waste water)

* Condensate neutralisation (heating technique/condensing boiler)

* pH-applications in the industrial sector (lubricants)

* pH-measurement in the food sector (ie production of fruit juices).

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