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THE Testo 350M/XL is the ultimate flue gas analyser for industrial applications. It measures gases such as O2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, HC, and H2S.

With a multitude of sampling probes for any application - including temperatures up to 1800°C, the Testo 350M/XL is a flue gas analyser that can provide a complete solution.

The 350M/XL is a flexible, portable system that can be used for either "spot-checks" or as an analysis tool for longer measurements. With an in-built datalogger and printer, the analysis data can be reported in any fashion.

With items such as inbuilt gas preparation and optional PTFE lined sample hoses, testo provides unique features for gas condensation and sampling response time.

The ability of the instrument to be used as a stand-alone datalogger for IAQ measurements means users receive two instruments for the price of one.

Probes to measure wind speed, pressure, temperature and humidity can easily be added to the control unit. All external probes are designed for "plug and play", which means programming for particular sensors not required.

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