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HACCP certified thermometers and temperature measuring and pH instruments available from Testo

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HACCP is a system whose purpose is to identify, analyse and control significant health hazards in foodstuffs. The HACCP system was developed at the commission of the American space authority NASA in 1959, with the objective of product 100% safe and space compatible foods for astronauts.

The HACCP system makes an important contribution to the protection of the consumer’s health in production, treatment, processing, transport, storage and the sale of foodstuffs. Testo have a wide range of products, which are certified and are effective instruments in meeting HACCP standards.

For infrared temperature measurement, there are the testo 830-T1, the testo 826-T3 and the testo 805 Mini thermometer.

The 830-T1 is a fast and universal infrared thermometer with 1 point laser sighting and 10:1 optics in ergonomic pistol design. It has an adjustable Emission Factor (between 0.2 and 1.0), fast readings as well as displays the current and hold values.

The testo 826-T3 is a quick non-contact measurement and core temperature measurement in one instrument. The surface temperature is measured with the infrared side while the measuring tip on the penetration side is used to determine the core temperature. It also has an upper and lower value limit with optical alarm and can be used with the TopSafe protective case.

The highly accurate and compact 80mm infrared thermometer, the testo 805 fits into any pocket and so can always be within reach. It is small yet robust due to an optional TopSafe protection case (IP65).

For core temperature checks, there are testo 106, testo 105, testo 110 and testo 926.

The core thermometer testo 106 with a thin, robust measuring tip is suitable for fast core temperature monitoring in areas such as gastronomy, catering, large kitchens and supermarkets. The testo 105 is a robust instrument with exchangeable measurement tips such as the frozen food ’corkscrew’ tip and is better suited for use in abattoirs and refrigerated storerooms.

The testo 110 is a highly accurate, universal temperature measuring instrument and suitable for laboratories and the food and refrigeration sectors through the robust protecting cover TopSafe.

If high or low limit values are exceeded, the instrument immediately sounds an acoustic alarm. The water-proof, indestructible protecting cover, ’TopSafe’, fits over the instrument and protects it from dirt, knocks and water. This all-round protection reliably stops food particles from becoming lodged in gaps in the housing.

The fast-action, efficient temperature measuring instrument, testo 926 has the option of a TopSafe protection case, which renders it insensitive to dirt, therefore making it a suitable partner for large-scale kitchens, hotels, restaurants or the food industry. Besides measuring minimum and maximum values, readings can also be printed on site on the testo printer. A wide range of probes are also available, making it highly flexible.

Temperature is not the only parameter important to meeting HACCP requirements. pH plays a vital role in food safety. Testo have a range of HACCP certified pH instruments: the testo 206 range as well as the testo 205.

The testo 206 range includes instruments for different pH applications. For liquids, the testo 206-pH1 is ideal. It has robust probe heads with temperature probe,which are interchangeable and not affected by dirt and dust because of the dual wall diaphragm.

The testo 206pH2 is suitable for semi-solid such as jelly, meat, cheese and fruit. It has a specially designed, interchangeable head with temperature measurement probe.

The testo 206-pH3 is equipped with a bnc socket, which makes it possible to connect all pH probes to the instrument. All models of the testo 206 have the option of a TopSafe protective case for added robustness.

The testo 205 is a robust food penetration pH/°C measuring instrument with automatic temperature compensation. The penetration measuring tip is interchangeable and not affected by dirt and dust due to the presence of a hole diaphragm.

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