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Efficient flue gas measurement with testo 310 and 320 flue gas analysers

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testo  presents two flue gas analysers designed for simple and efficient flue gas measurement.

testo 310 flue gas analysers

The new testo 310 flue gas analysers combine simple functions with high measurement accuracy to deliver reliable performance. The long battery life of up to 10 hours guarantees high availability. The compact analyser is designed for easy handling while offering the robustness for everyday use. 

The printer specially developed for the testo 310 includes an infrared interface that allows easy creation of reports on site.

testo 310 flue gas analysers are ideal for flue gas measurement, ambient CO measurement, draught measurement and differential pressure measurement.

Flue gas measurement 
Flue gas analysis helps determine CO and O2 content as well as the ambient and flue gas temperatures. 

Ambient CO measurement 
This measurement helps determine whether flue gas spillage is spreading in the vicinity of the heating system, causing high CO concentrations in the heating and living rooms. 

Draught measurement 
Draught measurement ensures that the flue gas from a heating system is correctly drawn off through the flue. 

Differential pressure measurement 
Differential pressure measurement tests the gas supply to the gas boilers by measuring the difference between the pressure in the gas line and the ambient pressure. 

testo 320 flue gas analysers

Designed as a multi-function instrument for efficient flue gas analysis, the testo 320 flue gas analyser offers user-friendly operation as well as clearly structured menus for various measurements. 

A standardised menu and a high-resolution colour display, which presents the measurement results graphically, enable fast workflows. The instrument can store 500 measurement values. A large selection of probes available with the testo 320 delivers the flexibility to carry out multiple measurements using the same instrument.

Flue gas measurement 
The testo 320 directly measures CO and O2 in addition to ambient and flue gas temperature.

Draught measurement 
This allows the negative pressure in the heating system to be quickly determined.

Differential pressure measurement 
Differential pressure measurement allows the user to monitor the gas supply on gas boilers quickly and easily.

Gas leak detection/ gas pipe test
This accessory eliminates the need for additional measuring instruments.

Ambient CO measurement 
The ambient CO probe carries out the measurement parallel to the flue gas measurement.

Differential temperature measurement 
The differential temperature menu allows the user to efficiently measure the discrepancy between the flow and return.

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30/10/2012 - The instrument its self is the same. It comes in a set with a Testo 310 a probe and a case. The testo 310 with printer is a set that contains all of the above plus a portable printer which connects to the analyser wirelessly to print out the results.

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