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Digital manifold for refrigeration engineering

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TESTO has released the Testocool 523 electronic manifold with a two-way valve bank and two pressure probes for servicing and maintaining refrigeration units and heat pumps. Flow can be monitored through the built-in inspection glass while the system is being filled up.

A rubber sleeve protects the instrument from impact and vibrations. 35 refrigerants are stored in the instrument, while three refrigerants can be downloaded using software and are transferred to the instrument. The system is suitable for almost every refrigeration system. Built-in pressure sensors and parallel temperature measurement make the use of other instruments unnecessary.

The system provides direct conversion of pressure values in temperature values (condensation and vapourisation temperature) of the selected refrigerant. It also has two pressure probes up to 725 psi (positive pressure proof up to 1090 psi) with an accuracy of 0.5% full scale.

It has a connection for a Pt100 temperature probe for temperature measurement in refrigerated rooms as well as automatic calculation of superheating and subcooling. It has a built-in memory with a capacity of up to 1000 readings.

The optional software manages customers, transfers readings from the instrument and creates tables and charts, and downloads new refrigerants free of charge from the Testo homepage and transfers them to the instrument. It also helps to troubleshoot a system. If faults arise for which the cause is unknown, the data is recorded in the instrument on site and analysed. Systematic troubleshooting is then started. In this way, easy and reliable documentation of the measurement is guaranteed.

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