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CO gas monitoring and optimum appliance efficiency with testo’s flue gas analysers

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Flue gas analysers from testo function as cost-effective, practical and easy-to-use emission analysers, especially in homes.

Indoor air quality can impact the health and wellbeing of residents in a household. The use of various appliances and products can actually be harming people, given that there are little or no regulations that enforce households to have these appliances tested and maintained on a regular basis.

Domestic gas appliances are installed in many Australian homes. Being a potentially hazardous fuel, gas can cause illness and even death. Incomplete combustion of gas may cause faulty gas appliances to produce high levels of carbon monoxide (CO) resulting in poisoning and even fatalities.

A colourless, odourless and tasteless gas, CO is hard to detect, making it even more dangerous in domestic or work environments.

All gas systems (domestic, commercial and industrial) supplied and installed in Australia must comply with certain safety requirements specified by the gas industry regulators. For example, all new gas appliances need to comply with AS 5601, the Australian Standard for gas installations.

Listed below are some of the standards that apply in Australia; however, while Australian Standards are applicable nationwide, regulations and standards can differ between states and jurisdictions.

Australian Standards under the Gas Act 1997: 

  • Gas installation standard AS/NZS 5601
  • Gas appliances standard AS 45XX Series
  • Gas infrastructure standards AS/NZS 4645
  • Gas supply standard AS 4564 (natural gas) 
  • Commercial propane and butane for heating purposes AS 4670 (LP gas)
testo’s new 310 and 320 (O2 and CO) flue gas analysers offer a cost-effective, practical and easy-to-use emission analyser solution for a variety of applications.


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