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THE testo 6340 differential pressure transmitter range is suitable for cleanrooms, filling systems and hospitals.

Where conventional differential pressure transmitters require frequent recalibration, the testo 6341 and 6343 are equipped with automatic zero point adjustment.

As solenoid valves vent both sides of the pressure measurement cell in an hourly cycle, the microprocessor automatically corrects the zero signal to result in highest stability.

The patented differential pressure cell in the new testo 6340 transmitter line operates with best long-term stability.

The testo 6341 and 6343 are the high-end solution among the low dP transmitters offering:

* Zero point drift = 0.

* High long-term stability and reproducibility.

* No temperature dependency.

* Overload-proof (if > 140 per cent of the measurement range is applied, the solenoid valves close; the cell is vented on both sides).

* Powered by 24V dc.

* 0-20mA/0-10V, 4-20mA output with load max 500 Ohm.

* RS232 on request.

* Standard IP54 (plastic housing) with option of IP65 (metal housing)

The testo 6342 and 6344 are reliable low dP transmitters featuring:

* Very low zero point drift.

* Very low temperature dependency.

* Powered by 24V dc.

* 4-20mA output with load max. 500 Ohm.

* Standard IP54 (plastic housing).

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