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Analyser for ventilation and indoor air quality

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article image The new testo 435 analyser.
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INDOOR air quality checks provide information about whether employees are working in an agreeable climate.

The new testo 435 provides the possibility of analysing and adjusting indoor air quality.

This probe for indoor air quality (IAQ) measures the parameters CO2, percentage of relative humidity and indoor air temperature. Pressure and indoor air speed are parameters that can also be measured.

The new Lux probe measures the light conditions in the place of work and also the repetition frequency of screen monitors. Dew-point exceedances and mould growth are examined with the surface probe and the air humidity probe.

Temperature and humidity measurement are integrated in this thermal probe. Flow speed, volume flow, air humidity and air temperature can therefore be measured in one test run.

Different measurement principles can be used depending on flow speed and application:

* Hot wire probe (0 - 20m/s) for precise measurement of low speeds

* 16mm vane probe (0.6 - 40m/s) broad measuring range

* 60mm vane probe (0.25 - 20m/s) for integrating measurement, such as at ducts

* Intergrated differential pressure probe and simple Pitot tube measurement means this probe is suitable for measuring high air speeds and impure air.

Testo 445 is simple and efficient to use. The instruments can alternate between user profiles, similarly to a mobile phone, for the applications channel measurement and IAQ measurement.

The measurement reports provide the customer with the data from channel measurement, long-term measurement and turbulence measurement. The company logo can be integrated into the form.

The availability of measuring instruments is a deciding factor. The costs are huge if work cannot be continued because measuring instruments are not available. With the testo 435, Testo provides a robust and available instrument.

A carrying strap enables safe transportation and a magnet ensures good handling during flow measurement.

The testo 435 is available in four versions. Depending on the demands of the application, it is offered with or without built-in differential pressure measurement and instrument store, PC software and with different probes for different applications.

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