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Accurate measurement solutions for food applications from Testo

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Testo  measurement solutions allow confident measurement and thorough documentation. In cases of doubt, the freshness and digestibility of foodstuffs are difficult to judge. Temperature control in production processes is as crucial to quality as the fulfilment of hygiene requirements and the maintenance of defined ambient conditions when treating and storing foodstuffs.

Legal hygiene requirements, particularly the HACCP regulations, require uninterrupted monitoring of the ambient conditions and the product temperatures. Exact measurements provide help in making decisions. They ensure that cold chains remain intact, and product temperatures and ambient conditions are monitored and documented. Testo offers measurement solutions which are designed for practical day-to-day testing, e.g. for canteens, restaurants, catering services and supermarkets.

Testo offer different measurement solutions depending on the measurement parameter and the type of measurement. The testo 735-2 is an accurate alarm and storage thermometer with measurement site management, which is suitable for spot checks in refrigerated rooms, for frozen goods and for monitoring baking temperatures.

The testo 926 for measurement technology from the Black Forest offers a fast, accurate temperature measuring instrument which is used mainly in large kitchens, hotels, restaurants or in the food industry. Non-contact temperature measurement is made possible with the measuring instruments testo 826-T2 and testo 826-T4. They are optimally suited, among other things, to fast temperature checks in supermarkets on foodstuffs whose packaging may not be damaged.

The testo 106 is designed for core temperature measurements in gastronomy, hotels, large kitchens, and supermarkets. Mini thermometers from Testo provide spot check measurement results at a glance and are suitable for recording the temperature in the air, in soft or powdery substances or in liquids. The testo 205 is a special one-hand pH/°C measuring instrument, which is used primarily for applications in meat.

Whether cooking is still usable or urgently needs to be replaced can be tested using the cooking oil tester. The testo 265 can measure directly in the hot oil, so the smooth running of restaurants, canteens and catering services is not disrupted. The suitable companion, whether in transport or storage is the data logger testo 175-T1, it ensures the uninterrupted documentation of the entire cold chain.

With the new measurement data monitoring system testo Saveris, constant, digital measurement data monitoring in the food industry is possible. It measures temperature and humidity values and informs by SMS, alarm or e-mail as soon as limit values are exceeded. The new system can be used in the food industry as well as in bakeries and butcher’s shops.

The crucial thing in food inspection is the documentation of the measurement values, because uninterrupted cold chains must be proven. An optimum solution for this is the versatile Testo data loggers for example, with which temperature and air humidity fluctuations can be recorded. The measurement data monitoring system testo Saveris for humidity and temperature automatically records the measurement data and transfers them by wireless and/or Ethernet connection to a base station. This documents and monitors all measurement data and provides alarms, e. g. by SMS. In addition to this, Saveris allows the comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the recorded data.

Whether carrying out spot checks or long-term measurements, measuring and recording core, surface or room temperatures or other measurement parameters such as pH values and cooking oil quality, measuring instruments must remain accurate in the long-term. In order to ensure food safety, the instruments are calibrated. Testo recommends calibration once a year. The Testo calibration laboratories enjoy international repute, and are licensed to carry out calibrations in the name of the German Calibration Service (DKD).

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