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810 and 610 pocket line measuring instruments available from Testo

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The new measuring instruments of the Testo pocket line range are suitable for fast and reliable measurements in the areas of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The Testo pocket line range of measuring instruments is small, handy and easy to operate. These measuring instruments fit into any shirt or trouser pocket.

The accessories of the Testo pocket line range of measuring instruments allow flexible storage and use of the instrument while a protective covering cap ensures that the buttons and the display are not damaged in tough day-to-day use. The belt holder and the wrist strap can be used by those who do not wish to carry the instrument in their pocket.

The Testo 810 pocket line measuring instrument allows the measurement of air temperature and simultaneous non-contact surface temperature measurement in one instrument. It has the following features:

  • Infrared measurement with 1 point laser spot marking and 6:1 optics
  • Display of difference between air and surface temperature
  • Hold function and minimum/maximum values and adjustable emissivity

For humidity measurement, there are two instruments within the pocket line range. The Testo 610 measuring instrument measures simultaneously the relative air moisture and temperature. Dew point calculation and wet bulb as well as hold function and maximum/minimum display are possible with the 610 measuring instrument. The Testo 606-1 measuring instrument measures material moisture. Material moisture is displayed in percent by weight using stored material characteristic curves for wood and building materials. In addition to material moisture, the Testo 606-2 measuring instrument also measures air moisture and temperature. It assesses drying conditions directly on site.

The Testo 540 measuring instrument is suitable for light, intensity measurement and has a sensor, which is adapted to the spectral sensitivity of the eye. The hold function allows an easy readout of the measurement values. Maximum and minimum values are displayed at the press of a button. The Testo 540 measuring instrument is handy, small and easy to operate.

The pocket line range also includes instruments for pressure. The Testo 511 measuring instrument measures absolute pressure with an accuracy of +/-3hPa. It is converted to barometric air pressure by entering on-site height above sea level. In addition, barometric elevation measurement between two points is also possible. The Testo 510 measuring instrument measures differential pressure meter and is suitable for pressure measurements in the range of 0 to 100hPa. Its differential pressure measurement is temperature-compensated for accurate readings. Readings can be displayed in Pascal over the whole measurement range. Magnets at the back of the instrument enable hands-free operation, for instance, while adjusting gas heaters.

The Testo 460 measuring instrument is suitable for optical RPM measurements involving ventilations or shafts. The measurement spot is displayed on the measurement object with an LED marking. Maximum/minimum values are displayed directly at the press of a button. The backlit display allows the measurement values to be easily read out, in unfavourable light conditions. The Testo 460 measuring instrument is small and easy to operate.

The Testo 410 measuring instrument measures air speed and temperature and is suitable for quick spot checks at air outlets on account of its integrated measurement with the 40mm vane. In addition to air speed and temperature, the Testo 410-2 instrument measures air moisture. Testo's humidity sensors can ensure accurate readings and check air conditions.

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