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206pH2 and 206-pH3 measuring instruments from Testo

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In addition to temperature, the pH value is one of the important parameters in the chemical, pharmaceuticals and food sectors. The pH value has an important indicator function in chemical and biochemical reactions. Due to advances in measurement engineering, new probe technology and compact designs, pH measurement has evolved from being a complicated procedure for specialists to being a standard measurement in daily working life.

The pH value of raw materials and foodstuffs is of major significance for the quality of the finished product. This applies to meat deliveries as well as to the maturing of meat and sausage meat and to the pickles, fruit juice or delicatessen sector.

The testo 206 range includes instruments for different pH applications. For liquids, the testo 206-pH1 is suitable. It has probe heads with temperature probes, which are interchangeable and not affected by dirt and dust as a result of the dual wall diaphragm. The testo 206pH2 is suitable for semi-solids such as jelly, meat, cheese and fruit because of its specially designed, interchangeable heads with temperature measurement probes.

The testo 206-pH3 is equipped with a bnc socket which makes it possible to connect all pH probes to the instrument. All models of the testo 206 have the option of a TopSafe protective case for strength. The testo 205-pH3 is a food penetration pH/°C measuring instrument with automatic temperature compensation. The penetration measuring tip is interchangeable and not affected by dirt and dust as a result of the hole diaphragm.

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