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Small humidity chambers available from TestEquip

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The HPAD series of humidity chambers offers the smallest possible chamber for testing, without losing the capabilities of larger chambers.  It is available in four sizes from TestEquip.

The HPAD series from ISUZU Japan can be placed underneath a bench top, as well as on top.  The smaller models run on standard single or 3 phase power, enabling easy installation anywhere.  These environmental chambers have an effective -25~130 degree C range at 30~98% RH. Extremely quiet operation makes it suitable for quiet lab or office environments. Capacities range from 48~210 litres.

The programme allows many standard cycling tests to be run i.e. (10 steps in 1 pattern). The wide temperature and humidity range matches the performance of larger test chambers, too.

Environmental chambers are used to ensure the reliability of industrial products, especially electronic items, through prolonged exposure to one or more environmental parameters. They provide heating and/or cooling and often include an analog meter, digital readout, or video display with test results. Some chambers subject samples, components, or products to extreme temperatures, thermal cycling, or extreme humidity.

NOTE: Selecting chambers requires an analysis of user interface options. For example, chambers with front panels include inputs such as keypads, dials, and switches for adjusting ranges and controlling parameters. Digital readouts provide alphanumeric displays. Environment chambers that include a programmable logic controller (PLCs) provide signals to the PLC, or receive inputs from the PLC. Programmable chambers often include a computerized interface and application-specific software for remote monitoring.


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