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Test and Measurement Equipment
The Portable Hardness Tester has a rechargeable battery, a USB interface for PC connection and extended memory capacity.

Features of the Portable Hardness Testers
Portable hardness testers from Testequip offer a range of features including:

  • The hardness tester uses micro electronic technology and is reliable over a wide measuring range.
  • It is capable of automatically converting and displaying measurements into Brinell, Rockwell, Leebs, Vickers and Shore hardness values.
  • The Portable Hardness Tester can be configured with an optional printer or PC for real time and batch printing.
Testing Equipment Applications
Applications of portable hardness testers include:

  • Hardness testing of large and heavy objects
  • In production lines of mass produced components
  • Materials identification in stores and warehouses
  • In confined spaces and areas that are difficult to access
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