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DigiTest Hardness testing system available from Testequip

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article image DigiTest automatic motorised hardness testing system

Physical preparation and a strategic game are important factors that lead a team to be winners of the World Cup. But, you also need key features that will help you achieve this goal as a team, such as special and well designed gear.

Soccer involves running, and running requires shoes that are strong yet comfortable in order to allow the players to make their ideal moves and reach the winning goals.

One of the important tests that shoe and sport equipment manufacturers test is the durability and hardness of their products.

Due to the use of the DigiTest automatic motorised hardness testing system, hundreds of soccer shoes are tested in order to reassure their resistance in the field.

With an automated movement of the test head for fully automatic hardness measurement, the test head performs the test on various spots and moves to the next testing point after the first measurement is done.

The DigiTest is the accurate and versatile hardness tester, this tester positions itself as the top level Durometer/IRHD hardness tester with a modular design to suit virtually every Shore or IRHD hardness measurement scale for Polymers.

The automatic test procedure of DigiTest eliminates the operator’s test influence on test procedure and thus always provides accurate results.

Depending on the hardness scales of your choice, from any of the Durometer’s scales A, B, C, D, O, DO, OO, OOO or IRHD Micro, Normal, H, Soft or Supersoft, you can select the combination of required test heads, and expand and upgrade it at any time in the future.

By using the DigiTest, the calibration procedure is made simple, since the digital measuring system does not need calibration of the measuring distance. This means that varying temperatures have no influence on the accuracy of the tester.

Data logged and the evaluation of the measured values can be done through the integrated interface RS 232 in connection with the testers’ Windows compatible software.

The automatic test run allows the integration of this measuring system into a production line and into an automatic manufacturing process.

The DigiTest Hardness testing system is available from Testequip .

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