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Tinted test tags for thermal printers available from Test and Tag Supplies

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Test and Tag Supplies  announce a simple and clever solution for direct thermally printed electrical test tags. Direct thermally printed test tags can fade quickly if exposed to sunlight in extreme conditions for prolonged periods. If the faded tags cannot be read, the electrical item would no longer meet test tagging guidelines. Appliances would need to be retested and retagged. This can be costly and time consuming - especially if a large number of electrical items are involved.

TagTint Clears are a tinted UV resistant clear label, which can be applied during the testing and tagging process. TagTint Clears have a UV resistant coloured tint, which can slow the fading process. By applying Test and Tag Supplies ‘TagTints’ to a direct thermally printed electrical test tag, the tag become stronger, more durable, and is more resistant to the effects of UV sunlight.

TagTint Clears can also be used to apply colour to otherwise plain white test tag labels. TagTints Clears are available in standard industry colours - indicating the relevant resting period. Test and Tag Supplies Tagtints deliver the following benefits:

  • Strengthen thermally printed test tags for harsh environments

  • Protect the tag from prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • Provide colour to otherwise plain test tags

TagTint Clears are available in labels 50mm x 100mm and are suitable for most automated tag printing systems.

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