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Test and Tag Supplies provide portable appliance testing equipment.

An appliance tester automatically performs a sequence of tests when helping to determine if the appliance meets the required level of electrical safety. The sequence of tests performed by the appliance tester will vary based on the type of electrical appliance. 

Portable Appliance Testers from Test and Tag Supplies
  • Typically, portable appliance testers provide users with a simple pass or fail result, based on pre-set thresholds, usually in accordance with the Australian Standard (AS/NZS3760)
  • Test and Tag Supplies offer Portable Appliance Testers designed to assist in the testing and inspection of electrical plug-in appliances. 
Low Cost Portable Appliance Testers
  • For organisations testing a low volume of appliances in-house, Test and Tag Supplies provide a range of low cost appliance testers
  • The cost of such test equipment can start well below $1000.00 and Test and Tag Supplies can provide expert advice on the right choice of equipment.
Recording Portable Appliance Testers
For organisations or service providers requiring recording facilities, Test and Tag Supplies offer a wide range of specialist recording appliance testers.
  • Recording appliance testers can record extensive information about the appliance under test.
  • This includes information about the location of the appliance, a description of the appliance and specific test result data.
  • This information can then be stored on a desktop computer and recalled for reporting and planning future testing and inspections.
  • Many recording appliance testers are compatible with test tag printers and barcode scanners.
  • These accessories allow for automated printing of appliance test tags and can speed up the retesting process.
  • They can also eliminate the need to re-record appliance data such as description information.
Appliance Tester Accessories
  • In addition to portable appliance testers, Test and Tag Supplies also offer a wide range of testing accessories from test tags to software, such as the new, low cost, handheld computer based software PATBuddy. 
PATBuddy allows users of non-recording appliance testers, to record detailed test result information on a handheld computer, assisting in the process of appliance testing.
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25/01/12 - Test and Tag Supplies announces the new Mastertag appliance test tag labels designed to meet AS/NZS3760:2010 requirements.
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17/01/12 - The new Megger PA320 appliance testers from Test and Tag Supplies deliver high current earth bond testing at up to 25A in manual appliance testers featuring auto test sequences.
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16/01/12 - Test and Tag Supplies offers the Megger PAT420, a range of affordable automated test tag printing systems.
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13/01/12 - Test and Tag Supplies presents the Metrel DeltaPAT GT 3309, a new line of portable appliance testers featuring superior testing specifications at an affordable price.
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03/02/11 - Test and Tag Supplies have released a new range of customised test tags, which can be customised in full four colour process.
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