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Tenrod Australia offers a broad range of switches to suit many requirements. Tenrod Australia is a distributor of various electromechanical switches and components from leading companies such as Panasonic, Alps Electric Co, Salecom, Accord, Toneluck, Zippy Technology Corp.

All electromechanical switches comply with stringent safety standards
Varying between model, brand and application, features and benefits of these electromechanical components include:
  • Operated by manual finger-push
  • Power switches can open or close high power circuits and are specifically engineered to avert heat generation when in function
  • Superior anti-melting properties
  • Large dielectric strength
  • Small and steady temperature rise
  • Cadmium-free contact
Comprehensive Electromechanical switch range includes:
  • Switches- Tact, Slide, Power, Rotary, Detector, Vibratory, Tactile Push, Multi-directional, Illuminating, Key, Micro, Rocker, Toggle, Dip, Lever, Light Touch, Multifunction and Jog Shuttle
  • Potentiometers
  • Tuners
  • Encoders- Rotary and Linear
  • Multi Control Devices
  • Remote Controls
  • Precision Components
Versatile applications include:
  • Televisions
  • Monitors
  • Industrial Controls
  • PCs
High quality solutions you can rely on, Tenrod's expert team of customer service consultants offer professional advice and experience to ensure you receive the right product for your application. Tenrod Australia information and contact details

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25/07/08 - The Lamina SoL MR16 Lamps, powered by Lamina ceramic based high power LEDs for greater stability and a longer life, are now available in stock from Tenrod. The Lamina SoL MR16 Lamps have flutes for heat sinking by ventilation and therefore should not be used in ceiling recessed or sealed fittings.
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16/07/08 - Tenrod Australia has released its new digital video recorder module. The DVR623 is an easy-to-operate, low-cost video and still capture recorder which is available in module form.
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06/06/08 - Tenrod Australia’s light panel systems consist of acrylic panels illuminated by high power low profile LEDS.
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13/05/08 - Tenrod Australia is now offering a new series of miniature SMD LED from Dominant.
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17/04/07 - Tenrod Australia has released the new silicon package white power DomiLED from dominant semiconductors.
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