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Light panel systems available from Tenrod Australia

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Tenrod Australia’s  light panel systems consist of acrylic panels illuminated by high power low profile LEDS.

The acrylic panels act as the light guide medium, and with printed photometric patterns the light is dispersed with luminous consistency thus providing an even backlighting for a poster or picture.

The LED powered light power source illuminates the panel through the edges and can be of either rigid or flexible mounting depending on the shape of the panel.

Suitable power supply can be customised to provide regulated driving power to the LEDs. Light Panels are suitable for backlighting graphic advertisements, logos and decals, décor light tiles, subtle ambient lighting, or emergency signs and annunciator systems.

These light panel systems are all customised products to suit the customers’ applications. Size and shapes can vary to the applications.

Standard thickness is 6mm or higher. Thinner applications are possible and can be considered with special modifications.

Standard sized light panels can be supplied as an A4 size counter display for service counters or display shelves.

The light panel is powered by a contact less wireless WET (Wireless Energy Transfer) pack, which transmits energy through the bench top or shelf to give a no wire look; wired version also available.

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