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Light bars and light diffusers

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article image Khatod Optoelectronic light bars.

KHATOD Optoelectronic, represented in Australia by Tenrod , has recently introduced a new line of light bar, light diffuser and dot matrix into its range of products, which are compatible with more than 95% of the light bars on the market.

These optoelectronic devices can solve the problems connected with mixed assembling (through hole and SMD).

They offer extreme simplicity in assembling and have a wide range of dimension and colouring.

The customer can assemble either SMD, through hole or mixed components and then finally assemble the specified light bars, bar graphs and dot matrix light diffusers over the LEDs.

The light bars and diffusers can now be easily made to be two-coloured, tri-colour or full-colour for customised displays.

The products also overcome problems with regard to electrostatic charges because they are able to create an electrical isolation between LEDs and front-panel.

These light bar and light diffusers are suitable for a wide range of applications including elevators, white goods, push buttons, automotive, security and telecom.

Tenrod can also supply the LEDs, SMD or through hole, for specific requirements.

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