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Exception versatility, the superior LED range offered by Tenrod Australia have been specifically designed and manufactured for high performance.

Unlike other LED lighting systems, these LEDs can be used for various electronic products and equipment, from video display applications to basic data display and lighting.

These LEDs can also be used for various general electronics, indication or display applications and includes LED Displays, LED Lights, LED Strips for any indication and display applications. 

Comprehensive range of LEDs from Tenrod Australia include:

  • SMT: Surface Mount LED Lamps in various packages, sizes and choice of colours and intensity
  • Through-hole and Leaded: Leaded type lamps in various packages
  • Opto Devices: Infrared, Ultraviolet, Photo Transistors and Opto-couplers
  • Displays: 7 Segment, Alphanumeric Characters, Dot Matrix and Arrow Displays
  • Accessories and Bezels: Housing and Spacers, as well as Light Pipes and Backlights
  • Primax: high brightness small package
  • RGB SMD LEDs: Multi-colour and colour mixing lighting
  • 5050 SMD LEDs: For lighting
Ensuring products that perform, Tenrod Australia only source and distribute the finest LEDs and LED light products available to the market.
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11/09/12 - Tenrod Australia introduces a new series of circular LED downlights suitable for overhead ceiling lighting applications.
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