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Comprehensive solutions, Tenrod Australia is a distributor for Macroblock LED Drivers and LED Driver Chips which are necessary in many LED applications and installations such as LED display panels, lighting and other LED products.

Reliable LED Drivers and Driver Chips producing Constant Current, other features include:
  • Constant current
  • Charge pump
  • Buck converter
  • Error detection
  • Pulse width modulation
  • Thermal protection
  • Short-circuit
  • Over-current
  • Thermal shutdown

Control Currents with Macroblock’s LED Drivers and Chips

  • PrecisionDrive™ for precise current control
  • Share-I-O™ for brightness equalisation and for error detection and current gain
  • All-Ways-On™ features simultaneous on/off, output current setting, dimming by PMW and thermal protection
  • LaurenBoostTM Technology current-sensing feedback topology for high precision current match
  • SPWM smart PWM for higher refresh rates
  • Demo Boards for evaluation are also available

High quality solution designed with integrity, Macroblock Inc. is Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of LED driver ICs ensuring you receive a reliable solution that will perform more efficiently, effectively and precisely to your requirements.

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