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Tennant introduce zero emissions, all electric street sweepers

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article image Green Machines 500ze street sweepers

Tennant  Company have announced the introduction of the Green Machines 500ze all-electric vacuum street sweepers. They are currently in trials across Europe and will soon be seen in operation in Australian cities.

The innovative Green Machines 500ze street sweepers, with Lithium-ion powered battery pack, herald a significant step in the drive for reduced carbon emissions and improved air quality. Their clean air and near silent operation is ideal for enclosed or crowded pedestrian areas such as city centres.

With the introduction of the 500ze street sweepers, the company is harnessing its more than 40 years experience of delivering technologically advanced sweepers to major cities all over the world. With its innovative features and technology, the 500ze street sweepers deliver excellent cleaning results while addressing the growing requirement for environmentally sensitive solutions.

Key features of the 500ze street sweepers include: 

  • Zero emissions - No exhaust fumes and no CO2, low noise, reduced dust; the 500ze street sweepers are designed to be almost invisible to pedestrians. The annual carbon output of a standard 2m³ sweeper, currently used in many city centres, is approximately 50 tonnes. The 500ze is zero, thus saving the equivalent of the carbon output of 40 cars annually. 
  • Virtually silent in transit - Near silent running means it is perfectly suited to clean any time of day and near sound-sensitive environments such as schools and hospitals … it is difficult to hear the 500ze over the gentle rustling of trees. 
  • Superior cleaning and dust control - Powerful suction is suited to even coarse debris, effectively ‘eating’ litter thanks to its 3-stage cyclonic separation.
  • Cloudmaker misting system provides improved dust control while minimising water consumption. The 500ze uses 70% less water than other traditional dust control techniques. 
  • Swift, safe and comfortable with industry leading operator features
  • Moves swiftly at speeds of up to 25kph, and delivers a car-quality operator experience through its superb ergonomic design. 
  • Innovative power supply - Uniquely powered by Lithium-ion batteries, with integrated Battery Management System to optimise cell performance throughout the battery’s lifetime 
  • Reliable and low running costs - The power and efficiency of Lithium-ion technology makes energy supply as reliable as conventional fuel. Recharging the batteries provides an 8-hour operation at a fraction of diesel costs. Fewer moving parts and advanced diagnostics mean lower maintenance costs.

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