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T1 compact floor scrubbers available from Tennant

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article image The T1 compact floor scrubber

The T1 compact floor scrubber, available from Tennant , can be used for cleaning hard to access places. The health and safety of tight spaces can be improved with the T1 floor scrubber’s easy to fill, empty, clean and sanitise Hygenic tanks. The risk of slip and fall accidents in narrow congested spaces can be minimised by using the T1 floor scrubber because of its water recovery feature in both forward and reverse manoeuvres.

The 11.4L solution tank and the electric power cord can deliver 30 minutes of uninterrupted efficient scrubbing time. With the highly manoeuvrable four caster design and Insta-Adjust handle, the T1 floor scrubber efficiently scrubs in all directions and around obstacles.

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