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PW's Guide to BEA Exhibitors: G

Supplier News

Gagliardi Photo CollectionFeatured:A Turning Point: Images to Words by Victor Gagliardi. Discounts: gift card box with each three-book order. Booth:3848.

Gaia Books This U.K. publisher offers books on mind, body and spirit with a focus on health, environment and well-being; a part of the Octopus Publishing Group. Featured: co-editions for the international market; selected titles for direct sales to U.S. retail market. Booths:1228, 1229.

Galaxy PressFeatured: new line of retro-stylized paperback novels by L. Ron Hubbard, including The End Is Not Yet , The Dangerous Dimension , Brass Keys to Murder , Under the Die-Hard Brand, Pearl Pirate ; bestsellers, including Battlefield Earth ; Mission Earth (Vols. 1–10); anthologies, including L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Vol. XXII , edited by Algis Budrys. Giveaways: playing-card decks. Discounts: free freight. Booth:1616.

Gallaudet Univ. PressFeatured:The Gallaudet Dictionary of American Sign Language (reference book/DVD) by Clayton Valli; Blind Rage: Letters to Helen Keller by Georgina Kleege; Signing Fun by Penny Warner; The American Sign Language Handshape (DVD) by Richard Tennant and Marianne Gluszak Brown; Deaf in Delhi by Madan Vashista; Teach Your Tot to Sign by Stacy A. Thompson; In Silence by Ruth Sidransky; Deaf Daughter, Hearing Father by Richard Medugno; And the Journey Begins by Father Cyril Axelrod. Discounts: 45% on trade titles. Booth:2567.

Gallup PressFeatured: Vital Friends by Tom Rath. Discounts: see PGW booth for details. Booth:2669.

Games WorkshopBooth:4051.

Gamewright Produces educational games for all ages; imprints include 12 Minute Games and Ceaco Puzzles. Featured games:Slamwich ; Rat-a-Tat Cat ; Frog Juice ; The Scrambled States of America . Booth:5507.

Gardners Books Exhibiting with Baker amp; Taylor, this U.K. book wholesaler supplies titles internationally. Featured: range of products and services. Booths:1902, 1903.

Garlinghouse Co.Booth:3026.


Geddes amp; GrossetBooth:3017.

GemStone PressFeatured: titles by Antoinette Matlins, including Diamonds, 2nd Edition , The Pearl Book, 3rd Edition , Colored Gemstones, 2nd Edition ; Jewelry and Gems and Engagement and Wedding Rings, 3rd Edition , both by Antoinette Matlins and Antonio C. Bonanno; Jewelry and Gems at Auction by Antoinette Matlins, with contributions by Jill Newman; Cameos Old and New, 3rd Edition by Anna M. Miller. Discounts: 50%, backlist. Booth:1422.

Gemstone PublishingFeatured: various Disney comic books/ graphic novels: Uncle Scrooge; Walt Disney's Comics and Stories ; Donald Duck Adventures; Mickey Mouse Adventures ; The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck ; World of the Dragonlords ; Mickey Mouse Meets Blotman; Mickey and the Gang: Classic Stories in Verse . Giveaways: comic book sampler. Discounts: see Diamond Comic Distributors/Diamond Book Distributors for details. Booth:4152.

Genesis PressGiveaways: promotional items. Discounts: see Kensington booth for details. Booths:2924, 2925.

Gentle Giraffe PressBooth:4569.

Georgetown Univ. PressFeatured:Loyal Dissent by Charles Curran; Globalization and the Politics of Pay by Susan Hansen; Medical Care at the End of Life by David Kelly; Balm for Gilead by Daniel Sulmasy; Aspects of Islam by Ron Geaves; Transforming U.S. Intelligence by Jennifer Sims; The Top 1,000 Words for Media Arabic by Elisabeth Kendall; Attending Children by Margaret Mohrmann; Uncompromising Positions by Elizabeth Oldmixon; Al-Kitaab fii Ta callum al-cArabiyya with DVDs: A Textbook for Arabic, Part Two, Second Edition by Kristin Brustad. Giveaways: Georgetown dining guides; GUP totes; pens; umbrellas. Discounts: 46%. Booth:2560.

German Book Office/NY This nonprofit organization, administered by the Frankfurt Book Fair, promotes German books and licenses and acts as a liaison between the German and North American publishing communities; a part of the German Collective Stand. Featured: adult trade titles; children's books from subrights list. Booth:3703.

German Collective Stand Represents various German publishers and wholesalers at international book fairs. Featured: new titles from clients, including Deutscher Apotheker Verlag, DuMont Literatur und Kunst Verlag, Edition Olms, Edition Temmen, Grauml;fe und Unzer, S. Hirzel Verlag, Institut fuuml;r Int. Architektur-Dokumentation, Kiepenheuer amp; Witsch, Koch, Neff amp; Volckmar GmbH, Lammers-Koll Verlag, Medpharm Scientific Publishers, Melzer Verlag, Motorbuch Verlag, Muuml;ller Ruuml;schlikon Verlag, Paul Pietsch Verlag, Ravensburger Verlag, RG Fischer Verlag, Franz Steiner Verlag, Suuml;dverlag GmbH, Thienemann Verlag GmbH, Transpress Verlag, Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft. Giveaways: cotton bags. Booth:3703.

Getty PublicationsFeatured:Artists' Techniques and Materials by Antonella Fuga; Holy Image, Hallowed Ground: Icons from Sinai by Robert S. Nelson; European Art of the Fourteenth Century by Sandra Baragli; Stories in Stone: Conserving Mosaics of Roman North Africa by Aicha Ben Abed; Panorama of the Enlightenment by Dorinda Outram; Carved Splendor: Late Gothic Altarpieces in Southern Germany, Austria, and South Tirol by Rainer Kahsnitz; Etruscan Wall Painting: From the Etrusco-Geometric to the Hellenistic Period by Stephan Steingrauml;ber. Giveaways:Artists' Techniques and Materials mini art set. Booth:3345.

Gibbs Smith PublisherFeatured:Farmer John's Cookbook by Farmer John Peterson and Angelic Organics; Atomic Ranch by Michelle Gringeri-Brown and Jim Brown; Outdoor Kitchens by Michelle Kodis; Modern Country by Nancy Ingram. Giveaways: totes. Booth:2010.

Ginkgo PressBooth:3645.

Girl Scouts of the USAFeatured: various educational games and books on financial literacy; books on exercise, safety concerns and mental health for young adults. Booth:5846.

Gival PressBooth:4545.

GLM BooksBooth:6128.

Global ImpexBooth:630.

Global PSDBooth:843.

Globe Pequot PressFeatured from Globe Pequot:Niagara Falls: An Intimate Portrait by John Grant. From Lyons Press:Second Acts: The Lives, Legacies, and Rising Roles of Our Former Presidents by Mark K. Updegrove. From Falcon:Mountain Bike Maintenance by Guy Andrews. From TwoDot:Young Duke: The Early Life of John Wayne by Chris Enss. Giveaways: galleys, books. Discounts: retail backlist special: 50% or free freight on 25 or more backlist titles (returnable), 53% or free freight (nonreturnable); "preferred customer program": extra 5% on initial order, free floor display and free freight (10-book minimum), delayed billing (120 days). Booths:4028, 4029.

Glove Box GuidesFeatured: new titles/updates bestselling guidebook series Hungry?/Thirsty?, including Chicago , Los Angeles , Orlando and San Francisco ; launch "family friendly" series Hungry?, including Chicago , Los Angeles , San Francisco and Seattle . Giveaways:Hungry?/Thirsty? Washington, D.C. mini guides. Discounts: see SCB booth for details. Booth:1842.

GoBo This first-time exhibitor publishes serial novelty books for children; a division of Sandvik Innovations; distributed by National Book Network. Featured: Magnix Learning Fun; Magnix Imagination; My Photo Soft Cloth Books. Booth:5009.

David R. Godine PublisherBooth:1812.

Godsfield Press This U.K. publisher offers quality illustrated co-editions for the international market, focusing on health, divination, personal growth, sacred living and spiritual wisdom; a part of the Octopus Publishing Group. Booths:1228, 1229.

Good BooksFeatured adult titles:Fix-It and Enjoy-It Cookbook and Fix-It and Forget-It 5-Ingredient Favorites: Quick , both by Phyllis Pellman Good; Quick Colorful Quilts for Beautiful Beds , edited by Rosemary Wilkinson; Sailing Acts , by Linford Stutzman. Featured children's books:One Winter's Day by M. Christina Butler, illus. by Tina Macnaughton; New Kid in Town by Claire Freedman, illus. by Kristina Stephenson; The Most Precious Thing by Gill Lewis, illus. by Louise Ho; Little Honey Bear and the Smiley Moon by Gillian Lobel, illus. by Tim Warnes; A Star So Bright: A Christmas Tale by M. Christina Butler, illus. by Caroline Pedlar; My Very First Christmas by Lois Rock, illus. by Alex Ayliffe. Giveaways: canvas bags. Booth:739.

Good Year BooksBooth:1419.

Google This innovative search engine offers targeted advertising opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Featured: demonstrations/information about various services/ programs; Google Book Search (full-text search); Google Books Partner Program (on-line book marketing program); Google Books Library Project (enhanced card catalogue). Booth:3665.

Gooseberry Patch This first-time exhibitor publishes unique cookbook line. Featured:Almost Homemade ; Best-Ever Casseroles ; A Pinch of This, A Dash of That ; Country Baking ; The Cozy Home Cookbook ; Celebrate Year 'Round ; Taste of Autumn ; Farmhouse Christmas ; Welcome Home for the Holidays . Booth:3925.

Goose Lane EditionsBooth:4451.

Gospel Light/Regal BooksBooth:6117.

Grace Associates/Humanomics PublishingBooth:2363.

Grauml;fe und UnzerBooth:3703.

Grandreams BooksBooth:5117.

Grange Books Offers a wide range of adult fiction and illustrated nonfiction in art and military history as well as children's books; exhibiting with Publishers Assn. (U.K.). Featured: extensive backlist; new and reprinted promotional titles. Booth:4253.

Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co.Featured:Arctic Dance:The Mardy Murie Story by Charles Craighead and Bonnie Kreps; Our National Parks by David Muench; The 30th Anniversary of the Alaska Almanac . Discounts: retailer orders: extra 5%; wholesale orders: extra 2%. Booths:3308, 3310.

Graphique de FranceFeatured: greeting cards; blank cards; postcards; packaged stationery; calendars. Discounts: "early buy" calendar promotion. Booth:3856.

Graywolf PressFeatured:The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop by Lewis Buzbee; When All Is Said and Done by Robert Hill; The Translation of Dr. Apelles and Native American Fiction , both by David Treuer. Discounts: see FSamp;G booth for details. Booth:2205. Great Jones Books

Offers remainders and publishers' returns in the areas of literature, history, art, architecture, philosophy and social sciences as well as general-interest trade and children's titles; visit www.greatjonesbooks.com . Booth:4118.

Great Potential PressFeatured:Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnosis of Gifted Children and Adults by James T. Webb; Losing Our Minds by Deborah L. Ruf; Being Smart About Gifted Children by Dona Matthews and Joanne F. Foster; Literature Links by Teresa Masiello; Guiding the Gifted Child by James T. Webb et al.; Helping Gifted Children Soar by Carol A. Strip with Gretchen Hirsch; Some of My Best Friends Are Books, 2nd Edition by Judith Wynn Halstead; Cradles of Eminence by Victor Goertzel, Mildred Goertzel; Re-Forming Gifted Education by Karen Rogers; Grandparents' Guide to Gifted Children by James T. Webb et al. Giveaways: bookmarks. Discounts: 10%, regular-priced titles. Booth:2457.

Great Value BooksBooth:4360.

Greenleaf Book Group This consulting firm and distributor provides various services to small and independent publishers and their author clients. Featured:Jungle by Yossi Ghinsberg; Hormones, Health, and Happiness by Steven F. Hotze; Pivot by Alan Zimmerman; The Loch by Steve Alten; Managing for Sales Results by Ron Marks; Taking Space by Robert Buchicchio; Trust by Charles Epping; Quantum Success by Bobbi DePorter; Kiss Theory Goodbye by Bob Prosen; Dying Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me by William Hablitzel. Discounts: 50%. Booth:2048.

GreenlineBooth:2615. Green Pastures Publishing

Featured:When I Was a Girl... I Dreamed by J.P. Matott and Margaret Baker and When I Was a Boy... I Dreamed by Justin Matott, both illus. by Mark Ludy; The Flower Man by Mark Ludy. Giveaways: Mark Ludy's newest titles. Booth:5830.

Greentree Publishing This first-time exhibitor publishes titles on parenting. Featured:Raising a G-Rated Family in an X-Rated World by Brent and Phelecia Hatch; How to Behave So Your Children Will, Too! by Sal Severe. Booth:2345.

Greenwich Workshop PressFeatured:Fish: 77 Great Fish of North America , text by Dean Travis Clarke, art by Flick Ford; Son of Man, Vol. III: Resurrection , text by Susan Easton Black, art by Liz Lemon Swindle. Giveaways: posters. Discounts: see Workman Publishing booth for details. Booths:1539, 1639.

Groundwood Books/House of Anansi PressFeatured from Groundwood:Groundwork Guide to Climate Change by Shelley Tanaka; Groundwork Guide to Being Muslim by Haroon Siddiqui; Groundwork Guide to Empire by James Laxer; Groundwork Guide to Genocide by Jane Springer; Ancient Thunder by Leo Yerxa; I Am a Taxi by Deborah Ellis; Huron Carol by Ian Wallace; Napi Goes to the Mountain by Antonio Ramirez; Morning Glory by Sandra Comino; Winter Afternoon by Jorge Lujan. From House of Anansi Press:The Story by Michael Ondaatje; Race Against Time, 2nd Edition by Stephen Lewis; Christmas Days by Derek McCormack; My Heart Is Africa by Scott Griffin; Liar by Lynn Crosbie; Feeding the Future by Andrew Heintzman; Airstream Land Yacht by Ken Babstock; Ethical Wallabee by Margaret Somerville; The Good Bacteria by Sharon Thesen; Griffin Poetry Anthology 2006 . Discounts: see PGW booth for details. Booth:2755.

Grove/AtlanticFeatured from Atlantic Monthly Press:Birth: A Human History by Tina Cassidy; War by Other Means by John Yoo. From Grove Press: The Return of the Player by Michael Tolkin; The Art of Political Murder: Who Didn't Kill the Bishop by Francisco Goldman; The Story of Tibet: Conversations with the Dalai Lama by Thomas Laird; The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai. From Black Cat:Alligator by Lisa Moore; City of God by Paulo Lins. From Canongate:I'll Steal You Away by Niccolo Ammaniti; Dream Angus by Alexander McCall Smith. From Canongate Paperbacks:The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood; A Short History of Myth by Karen Armstrong; Weight by Jeanette Winterson. Discounts: see PGW booth for details. Booth:2638.

Grupo Anaya This Madrid-based publisher offers literature titles, reference materials, children's books, dictionaries and Spanish as a second language course books; exhibiting with Cepromex. Featured: titles from member-companies, including Algaida, Alianza Editorial, Anaya Ele, Anaya Infantil, Y Juvenil, Anaya Multimedia, Anaya Touring Club, Barcanova, Catedra, Oberon, Piramide, Spes (Harrap's, Larousse, Vox) and Tecnos. Booth:1206.

Grupo Editorial Tomo This Mexican publisher offers general-interest, religion and theology titles; exhibiting with Cepromex. Booth:1206.

Grupo Hispano Editorial Imprints include Silver Dolphin en Espantilde;ol (juvenile titles), Numen (art and coffee-table books) and Degustis (cookbooks); exhibiting with Advanced Marketing Services (AMS). Booth:2667.

Grupo Noriega Editores This Mexican publisher offers general-interest and literature titles as well as educational and technical books; exhibiting with Cepromex. Booth:1206.

Grupo Olimpia Editores This Mexican publisher offers literature titles; exhibiting with Cepromex. Booth:1206.

Grupo SM This Madrid-based publisher offers children's literature and titles on Spanish-language education; exhibiting with Federacioacute;n de Gremios de Editores de Espantilde;a. Booth:1003.

Gryphon HouseFeatured:And the Cow Jumped Over the Moon by Pam Schiller and Thomas Moore; Starting with Stories , Bugs, Bugs, Bugs , School Days and Fabulous Food by Pam Schiller and Pat Phipps; Great Games for Young Children by Rae Pica; Teaching Young Children with Autism by Clarissa Willis; The Complete Book of Rhymes, Songs, Poems, Fingerplays, and Chants (book/CD) by Jackie Silberg and Pam Schiller; The Giant Encyclopedia of Monthly Activities , edited by Kathy Charner. Discounts: 50% plus free freight (U.S. only) on one in-stock backlist order (minimum 10 assorted; no short discount). Booth:3248.

GSMBooth:749. Guadalajara Int'l

Book Fair The Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL) is the largest and most comprehensive trade event for book professionals in Latin America; exhibiting with Cepromex. Featured: information about the 20th annual FIL. Booth:1206.

Guilford PublicationsFeatured:Breaking Murphy's Law by Suzanne C. Segerstrom; Emotional Survival Guide for Caregivers by Barry J. Jacobs; Complete Family Guide to Schizophrenia by Kim T. Muesser; Feeling Good About the Way You Look by Sabine Wilhelm; Insider's Guide to Graduate Programs in Clinical amp; Counseling Psychology , edited by Tracy J. Mayne; FormatEase Version 4.0 ; Teaching Literacy Through the Arts by Nan L. McDonald; Partnering for Fluency by Mary Kay Moskal. Discounts: 50% on five assorted frontlist titles, 20 assorted backlist titles. Booth:3467.

Gumdrop Book RemaindersBooth:4420.

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