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People management solutions from Tempus Fugit Global

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Tempus Fugit Global  supply business applications for people management. Tempus Fugit Global provide business applications to manage people in industries like hospitality, health, food preparation, distribution and cleaning services. Tempus Fugit Global also provide people management solutions for logistics, engineering, motor vehicle, retail and manufacturing industries.

Tempus Fugit Global design these business applications using an offering called "Opus One." Opus Ones literally means "the complete work." Opus one consists of an entire program, which looks after all the needs in an organisation including designing, developing and applying business applications.

Tempus Fugit Global use these applications for maintaining time and attendance, workforce management and labour scheduling in the workplace. Tempus Fugit Global’s Opus One also deploys applications for payroll in Australia and New Zealand and for managing human resources.

Through Opus One, Tempus Fugit Global also write reports and offer consulting services when necessary.

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