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Tema Engineers provide high quality centrifuge servicing designed to keep your centrifuge systems up and running 
Reliable Centrifuge Servicing
  • Fully stocked with spares and baskets to service the Hunter Valley and NSW coal fields
  • With very competitive rates and outstanding customer service the Beresfield Service Team primarily work on Centrifuges but have vast experience on screen maintenance
Emerald Centrifuge Servicing
  • Servicing the Queensland coal fields
  • The Emerald Service Centre is equipped to maintain the many Tema Centrifuges and Belt Press Filters operating in the area
Centrifuge Servicing from Tema Engineers
  • Tema Service Teams service Tema Fine and Coarse Coal Centrifuges as well as other makes of Centrifuges
  • They can supply centrifuge baskets for all makes of Centrifuges at competitive prices
The Tema Engineers difference
  • Tema Engineers was established in Australia in 1960, serving the mining, minerals, food, water, wastewater, chemical and process industries for over 40 years. 
  • They are specialists in liquid separation equipment, which includes centrifugal equipment, centrifugal pumps, belt press filters, gravity belt filter, CWUF sand filters, membrane filters and vibrating screens.
Tema Engineers offer only the highest quality service for efficient repairs. 
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25/11/10 - Tema Engineers offers a selection of pressure filters including pressure sand and GAC filters.
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24/11/10 - Available from Tema Engineers, Conturbex centrifuges are versatile are worm/screen centrifuges.
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14/10/10 - Pusher centrifuges from Tema Engineers are continuously operating solids separation machines that are built very robustly for durability.
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13/10/10 - Decanter centrifuges from Tema Engineers are designed to separate very fine solids from liquids of lighter density.
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12/10/10 - The Turbo-Cascade from Tema Engineers is a line of special centrifuges designed for the dewatering of solids with a uniform particle size down to about 0.5mm.
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