Belt Filter Press, Gravity Drainage Deck and Dewatering

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Tema Engineers offer a range of products suitable for filter pressing and dewatering. Both cost and energy efficient, they are available as separate or combined packages.

Belt Filter Press

  • From over 20 years of manufacturing and servicing, Tema Engineers have built their own Belt Filter Press of unique and innovative design. With a small footprint and under 6’ tall, the modern day Belt Filter Presses can easily outperform older and larger models. With the new models, there is no sacrifice on performance or throughput.

Gravity Drainage Deck

  • The Tema Gravity Drainage Deck is the perfect product for thickening or clarifying sludge. The gravity drainage decks are fitted with water resistant ploughs to turn the sludge and maximise the release of free water. These decks are cost effective and energy efficient.

Combined GDD and BFD

  • Buying both the Gravity Drainage Deck and Belt Filter Press combination, will ensure the most cost effective way to both thicken and dewater sludge because sludge conditioning is only required once.
  • The Gravity Drainage Deck is a machine built specifically to handle high hydraulic load with low solids content; it discharges prethickened sludge directly to the Belt Filter Press where the final dewatering occurs. 

Belt Filter Presses and Gravity Drainage Decks have proven to be an economical and low maintenance dewatering option. It is ideal for use in dewatering underflow from settling tanks, clarifiers, sludge lagoons, process waste, tunnelling waste water, paper, pulp, etc.

TEMA Engineers Belt Filter Press and Gravity Drainage Deck installations provide low capital and operating cost thickening and dewatering solutions with minimal footprint and structural needs.

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