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Circuit Design releases CDP-TX-02F-R transmitter and CDP-RX-02F-R receiver modules

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Circuit Design Inc., has released CDP-TX-02F-R transmitter and CDP-RX-02F-R receiver as upgrades of the CDP-02 series industrial use radio modules.

The CDP-02 series channel selectable TX and RX modules, used in the many popular 434 MHz ISM band for short range devices in Europe, have been well received in the marketplace. The units have found uses in many applications, where reliability is a key requirement.

There are two types of the 128-channel model.

One uses the DIP switches for changing channels, while the other is externally controlled through connector pins. Increasing the usable channels from 32 in the earlier model to 128, allows the operation of more nodes within the same area.

Development of new circuits using TCXO results in improved frequency temperature characteristics. The operating temperature range is from -20ºC to 60ºC. RF output of TX complies with the European ISM band RF power limit, and one can select between 10 mW and 1 mW. Selecting 1 mW enables continuous transmission in all 128 channels.

In order to maintain high reliability and stability even in a tough condition for radio, Circuit Design has improved the blocking performance and selectivity of the receiver.

The features of CDP-TX-02F-R / CDP-RX-02F-R are as follows:

- R&TTE and RoHS compliant radio modules
- Highly reliable receiver
Blocking or desensitization: 84 dB (All)
Adjacent channel selectivity – in band: 60 dB (25 kHz channel spacing)
Adjacent band selectivity: 60 dB
- Achieves an operating temperature range from -20 to +60ºC using a TCXO-based temperature compensation circuit
- 1 mW/10 mW RF output selection
- A transmission circuit structure that is highly resistant to reflection
- Select between 128 channels in 12.5 kHz steps
- Improved shock and vibration resistance
- Uses a custom SAW filter to avoid radio interference from other radio equipment
- High receiver sensitivity using double superheterodyne receiver circuits: -120 dBm (12 dB SINAD / BER 1%)

Available from Telelink Communications :

DIP switch type (CDP-TX-02F-R, CDP-RX-02F-R): February 2007
Pin type (CDP-TX-02FP-R, CDP-RX-02FP-R): April 2007

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