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New dual measurement multimeters are providing more precise data

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article image GDM-834x series

TekMark Australia presents the new generation of dual measurement multimeters from GW Instek.

The new GDM-834x series features 50,000 counts, VFD dual-display, 0.02% basic DC voltage accuracy and a USB protocol connector to provide users with measurement precision, lucid data observation, and the convenience to connect with a personal computer.

Available in a choice of two models – GDM 8341 and GDM 8342, the GDM-834x series dual measurement multimeters not only support the fundamental measurement items provided by general multimeters, but are also equipped with capacitance and temperature measurement functions. 

The GDM-834x series also provides many auxiliary functions to meet the measurement requirements for manufacturing process tests, educational experiments and testing facilities.

Feature highlights of the GDM-834x series include convenient USB flash drive storage function, selectable measurement speeds, multiple measurement items and functionalities, dual measurement/dual display, and USB protocol connection software for easy remote access and data retrieval. 

Major measurement items include AC voltage/current, DC voltage/current, AC+DC voltage/current, two-wired resistance, capacitance, frequency/period, diode and continuity beeper test.

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